One to one yoga is for those who want a more personalized yoga practice created for them.  Suitable for those that may have injuries or illness that needs to be taken into consideration or just wanting to make sure their yoga practice is the most beneficial it can be for your body.  There are 3 sessions - one session per week over three weeks either in person or via zoom.   

This first session will be a discovery session so I can get to know you better and we can discuss any health concerns you may have and what you are hoping to achieve.  From there I can go away and create your tailor-made practice or practices. 

During the second session, I will go through it with you and provide a video so you can practice alongside it throughout the week. 

The third session will be a follow-up, to discuss how it has gone and make any necessary changes needed.

After the first session, I'll advise what props you will require. These are not included in the price and can either be purchased through me or elsewhere.

Everyday wellness & vitality:

  • Yoga for stress and anxiety
  • Yoga to support your injury recovery 
  • Yoga for chronic tension
  • Yoga for vitality
  • Yoga for fertility (see our Yoga for fertility course)

Props for Self-Practice :

  • Yoga Mat
  • 2 Yoga Blocks
  • 1 Yoga Strap.

3 Weeks, one-to-one coaching, online or in-person