Wanting to do yoga from the privacy of your own home? I’ve got you covered with a variety of classes and class durations taught by experienced and qualified teachers.

My online platform offers a range of yoga classes from Flow to Yin to Restorative and much more.  Offering weekly, monthly or yearly memberships there are options that best suit your budget.

Time poor? we have 20 minute or 30 minute practices

Looking for a regular class? Join me for a 60 minute or 75 minute practice.


New to Yoga?

It is recommended you complete the 4 Week Beginners Yoga Workshop

first. This will teach you foundation poses key to your yoga practice.


Breath centred, flowing movement  incorporating Warmup, Strength, Stretch and Cooling Poses.

Classes that suit all levels

Flows that offer no wrist options, for those who have wrist injury or sore wrists from too much weight-bearing.



A deeply relaxing yoga practice that encourages interoception, the internal state of our body. 

Consciously connecting to the parts of the body through focused attention and breath.

Poses are held anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes, allowing us to go beyond just accessing muscle and delving deeper into fascia, ligaments and tissues.


Anatomical focused classes from Neck and Shoulders to Pawanmuktasana - a joint freeing practice.

Classes to assist in easing Stress and Anxiety. 

Something for everyone!


Nurturing, slow-paced, supported yoga, with breath centred gentle movement and meditation.

Ideal for those looking for a softer practice or a next step from beginners.


Energizing chair yoga for seniors, flowing yoga and exercise to generate heat and get the body moving all from your chair. 

Some standing poses offered with the support of your chair.



A nourishing prop supported yoga practice, holding poses from 5-10 minutes to restore and rejuvenate the body.  Balancing the nervous system through focused breath and meditation.

A practice you cannot miss!