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Students often ask me: 'Why use props?'

When yoga originated in India, it was practised only by men.  As time went on it was introduced to the Western world.  Now we are practising the same poses but our bodies are shaped very differently to Indian men who had smaller frames.  

Injuries start to occur when we force our bodies into shapes that they are either not ready to go into or never will be.  The key is to be okay with that. One thing I have noticed being a teacher is students comparing their yoga to their neighbour in class. Your shapes will look quite different, as you have different bodies, it is not about what your poses look like... it's about how they FEEL.

We use props to assist our body: we may use blocks in our standing forward bends when we cannot reach the floor; or a strap in our seated forward bends when we cannot touch our toes.

When we are feeling stressed we use our bolster and blankets to nurture the body and our eye pillows when we need to shut the world out.  We can use our props in so many different ways.

With the age of Covid, it is a great investment to have your own set of props that you can take along to your local studio.

Always remember to love and honour your body! 

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